Real Estate's Largest Network

Brings various and unique opportunities that are ultimately passed on to our valued Clients


The best systems and training

Controlling some 600,000 investment properties Referred Agency Members have access to the best technology, systems and support to ensure your property is under the best management

Training has also become more specialised with Referred Agency Members having easy access to some of the best trainers and advice in the Industry

Receive up to date rent increases, detailed inspection reports and so much more


Referred Agency ’s buying power extends to Property Management

Referred Agency has been accepted as a bulk buying organisation which allows our property managers to have easy access to quality appliances with bulk buying discounts and often delivered free of charge


A Network makes the difference

Furthermore with 1000’s of Members throughout Australia they are freely able to discuss tenant issues as everyday business of a Network.

This is an enormously important activity at a time when our main stream (open to all) tenant information services are being more and more restricted by privacy laws


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