There is no one thing that brings a successful sale


Whilst there are many books and articles on selling your home very few will compare to taking the time to discuss the process with a professional real estate consultant

Tip. Do not judge a sales consultant on the number of properties they sell opposed to the price they achieve.
Many good Agency owners / salespeople prefer to operate a small agency or listing portfolio

Individual – what may work well with one property may not with another ?

The selling process is always an individual process even if two properties have seemingly identical structure and characteristics
Buyers and sellers reasons for buying or selling are seldom simultaneously the same

Timing is crucial?

The first 4 weeks is the most important period to attain a best price for your property
This is why an Auction is held 4 weeks from listing date
It is fresh which brings most buyers to first open home. This creates an selling atmosphere

First impressions – we all know this, so let’s do it?

Do the small things
Clutter gone; clean yard; all those ‘little’ inexpensive things that make a difference.
Buy a new door mat, fix up chips and ugly stuff at the entrance – make it a clean and pleasant area
If animals or similar, that fresh coffee smell is hard to beat.
However to create a great mood and aroma, an electric essential-oil burner, and yours to keep

Normally major work is not recommended?

a) may not suit potential buyers
b) Not spending the money allows a lower sale price, which brings more buyers
c) spend more time on the smaller things that make a difference

building and pest certificate (transferable to new owner if possible).

Whilst some buyers will be happy with this, ‘it is for your peace of mind and convenience’
Many Sellers are surprised to find building defects or white ant or their damage in the Inspection.

With Building / pest inspections completed it is often just 2 weeks to settlement.
Most sellers have serious plans and are stressed if a bad report
New negotiations clearly in the buyers favour can begin – or often, the buyer simply walks away
Find your problems before going to market and have peace of mind

Listing Price?

Buyers or sellers different circumstances, or market conditions can have a significant effect on sale prices and therefore be reflected in easy to acquire sales reports – so many variables

Nothing replaces the strong product knowledge of a full time sales consultant which is often essential to establish a true market price

Tip. It is not advised to receive a verbal offer – offers in writing are serious offers

Method OF SALE (3 brief examples - please discuss with your sales consultant or solicitor)

Open listing

The Seller may choose a number of real estate offices to sell their property.
This is seldom successful as sales consultants focus on ‘exclusive properties’ where they spend much time as possible to attain a best price possible.

In theory ‘more sales consultants the better’ seems the best solution in reality it isn’t.

E.G. Few people will go the extra mile or invest resources if there was no guarantee of payment

ReferredAgency is designed for you to list with one Agency and also be serviced by Australia’s largest real estate Network

Exclusive Listing?

One Agency has exclusive listing rights of property.

The sales consultant will appraise the property with the owners.
Using sales reports, area knowledge, and other means to show how the listing price is attained

The seller will always nominate the price

If circumstances and wants allow, list the property slightly above market value
Sellers can increase the sale price

Sale by public Auction (very brief)

The Auction day is usually made for 4 weeks after first advertisement is published
Before signing an appointment, sellers agree on the marketing program and budget.

As with an exclusive Listing open homes are conducted before and if necessary, after the auction.

During this period, the agent will also prepare the Contract of Sale for the information of prospective buyers and for display on auction day.

Auction day. The auctioneer will request written advice from the seller as to the reserve price

The reserve price can be established between you and the agent.
If the bids reach or exceed the reserve price, the property is sold ‘under the hammer’
The Contract of Sale is signed immediately by the buyer and the seller.

If the reserve price is not reached the seller may adjust the price otherwise the auctioneer will pass the property and continue marketing the property as a private treaty sale

This includes negotiations with bidders at the auction.

If no sale is achieved the property is placed on the market, usually with a price

Once again we recommend discussing this with your Agent


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